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Broken Spring Repair

All the garage doors have torsion and extension springs that help the door to open and close without you putting any effort into it. Sometimes they act funny but are not broken. But if you think that the springs may have been damaged as you are constantly facing problems in opening or closing the doors then you should immediately get to us via our contact us page. You should never try to repair the springs yourself as it is a very risky job and you may end up installing the wrong sized spring or worse, you may hurt your hand while installing it on your own.

So, it’s better to trust the experts at garage door repair, Brighton Beach to see to it that your garage doors open and closes flawlessly with the help of new brand springs that will be installed in a perfect manner. We can also supply you with a spring if you don’t know which one to buy and how much to pay for it as we have a lot of springs available to us. If the springs are not faulty but the entire garage door is battered and old then also you can depend on us as we excel at managing the complicated task of new door installation too.