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New Motor Installation services

So you think that opening and closing garage doors manually whenever you need to take out your vehicle or put in back in the garage is too much trouble? Is you are thinking yes then you should seriously think about installing a new motor in your garage. It will make it possible for you to open and close your garage doors by remote control. We at Garage Door Repair Brighton Beach, NY specialize in helping you select the right motor and install it in a better manner than you yourself would.

New motor installation is a complicated process and the motor has to be nicely placed in the garage so that it doesn’t’ occupy too much space. Programming of the remote is also a complication that we can easily solve as we have done it at least thousands of times. If you wish to get a discount while we install a motor perfectly then you should keep checking our coupons page regularly. Here we regularly offer concessions on many of our services and both our regular and newest customers can make the most of the schemes launched on this page. You just have to check it regularly so that you don’t miss out an interesting deal that will save you many bucks.